Mindfulness with Aoife Deane

Aoife Deane is a Mind Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mindful eating Facilitator and CORU registered dietitian, based in Cork city. She specialises in helping people overcome binge eating and overeating. Aoife’s passion comes from her own previous struggles, binge eating and yo-yoing in a 3 stone range. She has 12 years’ experience helping patients in London, Cork and online. Aoife offers 1-1 coaching and is launching her “LOVE FOOD” online course this February. For more see. www.happyweight.ie



“It’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve already overeaten soooo much this weekend. I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, keep eating & start being good again tomorrow”

Yesterday doesn’t matter, tomorrow doesn’t matter. My stomach is saying it’s nicely stuffed now🥰. If I keep eating, I’ll be uncomfortable 🥴 and there’s no need to do that to myself, because there’ll be more food later, tomorrow and forever! 🥳

Looking at other people’s figures & wishing you had them☹️ Hating & neglecting your own. Dreaming of a magic wand diet in the future that will fix it.

Appreciating & making the best of the body that you do have! Appreciating how great it is considering what you have put it through. Supporting it TODAY by listening to what makes it feel better 💪🏼 🥰 & what makes it feel worse🥵🥴, so that it can reach it’s potential 😎

“A walk might be nice, but I won’t bother because I’m starting that 7day fitness challenge tomorrow.”

Going for a little walk now is better for your body than a lifetime of thinking about something that starts tomorrow. Going for a walk doesn’t mean the start or the end of anything. Tomorrow your body might not want to walk at all or might want a massive walk. All you can ever know about is what your body wants now.

Eating chocolate & listening to your mind saying “😈Yayayayaya keep eating, finish the pack, then you can  be good again tomorrow”

As powerful as you are, you’re not going to close down Cadbury’s. So like it or not chocolate is going to be around you every.day.of.your.life no matter how many packs you finish. If your stomach is saying “I don’t feel so good after this much chocolate 🥴” be sound enough to listen. There will always be more later.

“I love bad foods and now I’ve started I’m not able to stop.”

There is no such thing as a “bad” food, every food has benefits.

Every food will taste & feel different, & can taste & feel different depending on when you eat it.

E.g I rate a Yorkie raison & biscuit is 10/10 taste & a jam doughnut is 5/10.

I love the feeling in my stomach after a lovely dinner and dessert, I’m don’t like the feeling in my stomach after I eat a whole bag of Doritos by myself.

  1. “It’s breakfast time, so I eat breakfast 😑. I usually eat more or less the same thing in the same amount. “

Sometimes I am hungry for breakfast. Sometimes my stomach is still busy (not hungry) with what I gave it yesterday, so I wait until it is done with that & hungry before I eat. Sometimes my taste buds & stomach feel nice after a sweet breakfast, sometimes they like savoury 🥰

The 4×4 Challenge

For each week of January, the Good4U team are challenging themselves and you to adopt one new simple, healthy habit designed to improve our overall wellbeing in mind, body and soul. The first challenge sounds simple but is often overlooked- hydration! We challenge you to drink at least two litres of water every day, plus we’ll look at how much water we actually need, how and why this can change from person to person and tips to help you with water consumption. 

Next, we invite you to take a deeper look at nutrition with the “30 Plant Challenge”, encouraging you to get 30 plants a week into your diet. This is great for micro-flora, mood, digestion, weight management and much more. If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry- we’ll be posting recipes, shopping lists, meal plans and advice to help you find your feet. 

For week 3 of the challenge, our hydrated and nourish bodies are going on the move! We challenge you to get 10,000 steps a day in if you can or 30 minutes of activity each day. Whether you enjoy walking and hiking, sea swim, home HIIT workouts, find something you enjoy doing. We’ll be looking at how movement affects the body, how to optimise your hydration and nutrition for increased movement as well and workouts you can do from home. 

Lastly, after our bodies feel great from our weeks of hydration, nutrition and movement, we’ll be looking into the mind, which is just as important to keep healthy for overall wellbeing. There are many simple, convenient exercises that can help our mental health, from breathing exercises, meditation techniques to positive affirmations and journaling to help organise our thoughts.

These four simple habits are simple to adopt and could greatly help your body, mind and soul. Let’s kick January off with great habits and start as we mean to go on for a happy, healthy and safe 2021. 

Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter for all the resources, recipes, videos and information you’ll need to do the 4×4 challenge, and don’t be a stranger, we want to hear your own tips, questions and advice to help spur others on too! 

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Rubber Egg

Make a rubber egg!

You will need:

A piece of paper
A pencil
An egg

A tall glass
White vinegar
Food colouring (optional).

Take some notes, using the pencil and paper, about the parts of the experiment.

How does the shell feel?
What colour is the egg shell?
How does the vinegar smell?
What do you think is going to happen?
Are there any other observations you can make?

Place the egg in the glass, then pour the vinegar into the glass making sure to fully cover the egg. If you have some food colouring add it now. Take more notes at this point.

Is there anything happening to the egg?
If you added food colouring what colour is the vinegar?
Has the smell changed?

Keep an eye on it and take notes each day. After 7 days remove the egg from the glass, rinse it off and make some final observations.

What happened to the egg?
Was your initial guess correct?
Has anything changed, size, shape, colour, smell, etc?

Paper Seed Bombs

Paper Seed Bombs!

You will need:
Colorful paper, Newspaper, or other scrap paper
Large bowl of water
Silicone mould (optional)
Blender or food processor
An Adult

First tear the paper in small pieces.
Soak the paper in water for about 15 minutes
Have an adult squeeze out the water and place the paper in a blender and blend until it is a pulp consistency.
Squeeze out any excess water out of the pulp.
Take some pulp and create a little cup in your hands or fill the moulds up half way with pulp, pressing down firmly.
Sprinkle seeds on the pulp and cover to make a ball or fill the mould to the top
Allow the bombs to fully dry, about 2-3 days before removing them from the moulds.

Once the seed bombs are dry you can plant them or wrap them in cloth and give them to someone special!

Homemade Lava Lamp

Homemade Lava Lamp!

You will need:
A bottle/glass
Vegetable oil
Food colouring
Alka Seltzer tablet
An adult.

Add the food colouring to 120ml (1/2 cup) of water.
Pour the oil into the bottle/glass until about 3/4 full.
Add the coloured water to the bottle/glass being sure to leave a few centimetres of space at top.
Break up the Alka Seltzer tablet (do not put them in your mouth) into a few pieces then drop in a small piece. More can be added for a bigger reaction or when the bubbling starts to slow down.

Home Grown Food

Regrow Your Lettuce

For this experiment you will need:
A stump of lettuce
A bowl
A little water.

Pour some water in the bowl then place the lettuce stump in the bowl. Make sure the water does not cover the lettuce, if it does tip some water out.
Change the water each day and watch the leaves grow.

Things to think about with this experiment:

How long do you think it will take to start growing?
Do you think it will grow to the same size as the original lettuce
How many days was there clear growth?

Why not try growing some other vegetables using the some method. These listed below can be started in water, but should be transplanted to dirt for full growth and harvest.

Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes
Why not try some others as well!

Tips For Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids? Avoid the tantrums and become an expert by preparing yourself with these essential tips!


1.Give yourself TIME!

Travelling with kids can mean unexpected tantrums and toilet stops, among other things. The single most important piece of advice we can give you is to allow plenty of time to deal with the unexpected and get there stress free!


2.Bring Supplies 

Long journeys are no time to be worrying about your kid’s screen time- if you have a tablet/phone with some games or videos that will keep them entertained make sure you bring it. Trust us, you will be glad to have Peppa at your disposal near the end of a long boring journey. A new colouring book or travel game can also be a great distraction for tired children. 


3. Don’t bring the kitchen sink.

Although it’s tempting to pack everything you own in an attempt to be prepared for every possible scenario, remember that almost everything can be bought on your holiday. If you are carrying small children you don’t want to be laden down with excessively heavy luggage.


4.Have a plan – but don’t over do it.

You want to keep the little ones entertained, but you don’t want your trip to be regimented. Be prepared by making a list of possible activities for all kinds of weather before you go and then when you get there you can go with the flow and decide what you would like to do each day.


5. Sustenance is key- bring lots of snacks

Travelling whether by plane, train or car, with young children, snacks are non- negotiable. Stock up on healthy treats that  are low in added sugar to keep them fuller for longer without resulting in any sugar fuelled hyperactivity in the airport. You may also want to bring extra in case the local cuisine isn’t going to fly with your fussy tot.


6. Keep calm and enjoy it!

You are on your holidays after all! Prepare for as many situations as you can and don’t worry about the rest. If your child chooses the worst possible time to scream the place down, you will get through that too. Just stay calm, grab an ice cream and appreciate the quality family time while you can.



Top Tips For Workplace Wellness

Energy Balls Work

Why encourage workplace wellness?


It might sound too good to be true, but embracing wellbeing initiatives makes for a happier and healthier work life! It will create balance and encouraging people to get up from their desks once in a while helps them to come back refreshed and ready to focus on work.


Easy ways to encourage workplace wellness: 


Exercise : Research has shown that devoting work time to exercise can lead to higher productivity. 


Walk or bike to work – If you live nearby why not leave the car at home a few mornings each week. If your commute is too long try parking around a mile from the office and walking a little each day.


Yoga classes – Yoga works wonders for your mind and your body! Give it a try and see if you can get fitter and reduce your stress levels.


Walking meetings – Head outside or walk around the building. Doing work while outside can be a very enjoyable experience and can increase creativity.


Discounts for the local gym – this is great for employees who might not usually consider the gym. If the discount is for a specific local gym it also encourages people to socialise outside of work, while working out.


Healthy Snacks- ditch the biscuits with your morning coffee and take it in turns with your co workers to provide healthy snacks. Nutrition plays a huge role in wellness, having something healthy to eat will help you to say no to snacks with high added sugar or fat content.


Photo of Women Walking Down the Street