Tips For Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids? Avoid the tantrums and become an expert by preparing yourself with these essential tips!


1.Give yourself TIME!

Travelling with kids can mean unexpected tantrums and toilet stops, among other things. The single most important piece of advice we can give you is to allow plenty of time to deal with the unexpected and get there stress free!


2.Bring Supplies 

Long journeys are no time to be worrying about your kid’s screen time- if you have a tablet/phone with some games or videos that will keep them entertained make sure you bring it. Trust us, you will be glad to have Peppa at your disposal near the end of a long boring journey. A new colouring book or travel game can also be a great distraction for tired children. 


3. Don’t bring the kitchen sink.

Although it’s tempting to pack everything you own in an attempt to be prepared for every possible scenario, remember that almost everything can be bought on your holiday. If you are carrying small children you don’t want to be laden down with excessively heavy luggage.


4.Have a plan – but don’t over do it.

You want to keep the little ones entertained, but you don’t want your trip to be regimented. Be prepared by making a list of possible activities for all kinds of weather before you go and then when you get there you can go with the flow and decide what you would like to do each day.


5. Sustenance is key- bring lots of snacks

Travelling whether by plane, train or car, with young children, snacks are non- negotiable. Stock up on healthy treats that  are low in added sugar to keep them fuller for longer without resulting in any sugar fuelled hyperactivity in the airport. You may also want to bring extra in case the local cuisine isn’t going to fly with your fussy tot.


6. Keep calm and enjoy it!

You are on your holidays after all! Prepare for as many situations as you can and don’t worry about the rest. If your child chooses the worst possible time to scream the place down, you will get through that too. Just stay calm, grab an ice cream and appreciate the quality family time while you can.



Why seeds?

Why eat seeds? Emmm ‘coz they are Nutritional Superheroes!! No..seriously..they are AMAZING!

We wouldn’t be called Good4U and specialise in seeds for no reason now, would we?

In Good4U seed products you’ll find loads of different types of seeds such as pumpkin, hemp, flax, chai, sunflower and quinoa seeds. Many of our seeds are also roasted to give them a delicious taste and texture. I’m gonna give you a quick break down of some of their nutritional benefits so you can see for yourselves just how powerful the humble seed is and why we love it so so much!

These are the top 10 reasons you NEED to eat more seeds!

  1. Seeds are good sources of a range of minerals like iron, folate, vitamin B6 and zinc which are all needed to boost our immune systems. No need to worry about awkward sniffles in the office – you have your seeds!
  2. Bone health is extremely important for people of all ages and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc all help to keep bones strong. Guess what.. all these minerals are found in.. YEP – SEEDS!!
  3. Poor heart health is one of the main issues we see among people today. The B vitamin Thiamine is super for keeping our hearts healthy and for overall physiological function. Our Focus Super Shot is a great source of thiamine and is particularly tasty sprinkled on porridge. Yum!
  4. Seeds are a great source of zinc which is important to maintain our skin, hair and nail health. Think of zinc as the natural beauty booster!
  5. Many seeds contain vitamin B3 (Niacin) which plays a role in reducing tiredness and fatigue in the body. It helps us to produce energy from carbohydrate food that we eat. So next time you’ve hit the 3pm slump think about snacking on some seeds.
  6. These nutritional superheroes also help to support our nervous system and brains because they contain B vitamins (or Brain Vitamins!).
  7. Are you convinced yet!? No! Okay because I’m not done boasting (*evil laugh*). We also have our amazing Sprouts! Spouted seeds are a living foods and one of the healthiest things on the planet you could eat. At Good4U we have Super Sprouts, Lentil Sprout Mix and Quinoa Sprout Mix. These are all high in fibre and fibre and protein and add a delicious and highly nutritious boost to any meal.
  8. Our Super Sprouts are a unique powerful mix of four sprouted seeds has published research on its anti-cancer properties. This particular sprouted seed mix is rich in sulforaphane (up to 50 times more than mature broccoli) an anti-cancer compound which helps mobilize the body’s natural cancer fighting resources and reduce the risk of developing cancer. Sprouts also contain an abundance of highly active antioxidants and powerful plant compounds.

 So, we know it and now you know it. Seeds are BRILLIANT!! Naturally nutritious food is so important for maintaining overall physical and mental health and seeds are a perfect food to boost your intake of vital vitamins and minerals.

Check out our range of Salad Topper Seeds and Sprouted Seed Salad Toppers!!