Healthy BBQ Hacks

Wooh it’s BBQ weather! There’s nothing we love more than a good BBQ, especially in Ireland. I’m not going to rain on your shiny new patio set BUT sometimes barbecues can involve a lot of extra food which is absolutely perfectly okay every once in a while.  However, with our recent heatwave I would guess that if you’re like me you’ve been barbecuing more often. I’ve put together some of my top tips for ensuring your barbecue meals stay that bit healthier whilst still being absolutely delicious!

Tip 1: Fill up your plate with salad and veggies. Ever tried some peppers, courgette or onions on the bbq? Delish! Make a large mixed salad for everyone and ensure you fill up on this first.

Tip 2: Choose leaner cuts of meat when buying burgers, steaks etc and aim to stick to mainly chicken breasts rather than chicken wings or drumsticks. Throw some Good4U Super Sprout Salad Toppers on your burger for added nutrients and an excellent alternative to lettuce!

Tip 3: Choose wholegrain burger buns or other breads and go easy on the butter and mayo! Wholegrain carbohydrates sources will help you feel fuller and can help reduce over eating.

Tip 4: Enjoy controlled portions of things like potato salad, coleslaw and pasta salads coated in heavy dressing. Better still, make your own! This way you can add more veggies and can control the amount of dressing you use. Win win!

Tip 5: Watch your alcohol intake. If you are having a drink be aware of the additional calories.

Tip 6: Enjoy! BBQs are super for spending time with family and friends and enjoying the weather – have fun!