Top 5 Tips for Men’s Health Week

It is Men’s Health Week 2019 and we have our top tips for ensuring you guys stay healthy and happy!

1.It’s boring but you HAVE to eat a wide variety of foods! There is no magic pill I’m afraid. Make sure you get lots of fruit and veggies, wholegrains, some protein, unsaturated fat (oily fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado) and water of course. Don’t drink too much alcohol, avoid a lot of added sugar and don’t smoke. 

2.Mind your mood. Suicide is one of the biggest killers of males under 45 years of age which is a SHOCKING statistic. Try to find something which helps you stay calm, destress and unwind. Talk to friends, family or someone who is not related to you in any way if you feel like you are feeling down, stressed or otherwise. 

3.Do some exercise. It doesn’t have to be running a marathon or joining a hiking group. Find a way to include movement in your day that you ENJOY and can continue. This may be gardening, walking, yoga or something completely different. Find what works for you and make time for it! It will benefit your physical and mental health hugely. 

4.Get regular health checks. It is so important to regularly book appointments with your GP even if you feel okay. Get a full check-up done to rule out any potential issues. It will put your mind at ease.

5.Do something you REALLY enjoy every day. Even if it’s for five minutes, try to include something in your day that fills you with joy. If it’s a book by the fire or listening to music or walking the dog DO IT! 

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